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We take care of your business from here.

At Neira Tax we do the work on your taxes while you relax and enjoy your quality time.

Take advantage of our IRS experience to help maximize your business.

We are Tax Gurus and do the hustling to make you feel safe.

We are based in Laredo, Texas and open for your business.

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About us

Neira Tax it's an initiative by Gilberto Neira Jr.

For the last 10 years, Gilberto’s been seasoning in the accounting field, gaining most of his experience as a Revenue Agent for the last 6 years.

As a former IRS Revenue Agent, he can offer support and representation with IRS audits and collections, as well as use his experience to help you minimize your taxes.

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We are able to provide you and your business with:

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Tax Planning
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Tax Preparation
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IRS representation

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Earning Our Reputation

“Mr. Neira is a very good Tax Accountant with a very sharp knowledge.”

—Santos Gomez

“We had Neira and his team re-do our bookkeeping. It’s been totally worth it!”

—Michelle Trejo

We understand that you have a choice.

As a result, our team of trained professionals it’s ready to optimize your business.

We take proud of our experience, dedication, and passion for doing things right.

Let us go above and beyond expectations.

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